About Me

Hi! I'm Lindsay. My husband is Cam. We met while studying at the University of Toronto. In May of 2011 we had our destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic amongst a small but fun group of friends and family. Shortly after, we purchased our first home in a suburb north of Toronto and slowly but surely we are making it our own.

A few things about me:

♥My husband and I both ride motorcycles. We especially love long road trips and camping out.
♥I was born in Beijing, China
♥I can't resist a good bargain especially when it comes to clothes and makeup.
♥I'm addicted to romance books and that's pretty much all I read.
But I have an intense hate for Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. That's not romance, that's abuse.
♥PS: I'm also quite opinionated. Yup.

This blog is a mish mash of everything that interests me. These days, my posts are mostly home and beauty related but I also write about travel, food, art, money, and whatever else comes to mind.

Any questions or just want to get in touch? You can email me at caister @ gmail . com.


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