Monday, December 6, 2010

What do you call this?

I don't like that Polyvore asks me to name my set. I typed in Gold Rock but I'm not really sure what to name this. Heck, why does an outfit need a name? I just want to wear it, that's all!

Gold Rock

1) Rick Owens Lilies Dust Drape Front Wool Blend Cardigan
2) Balmain Black Cropped Leather Pants
3) Sam Edelman Katrice Sandal
4) Alexander McQueen Byzantine Queen Skull Crocodile Clutch
5) Chan Luu 14K Gorld Vermeil Leather Skull Bracelet
6) The Village Black Shades


  1. Shoes I would punch someone in the face for!!! Want!

  2. yes please and thank you for the leather pants. you shouldn't have



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