Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old Shanghai

I must say, the motherland produces some good looking people.

In recent years, Vogue has really embraced the theme of "Old Shanghai". Beautiful Chinoiserie interior decor, traditional dresses, and models who you would never mistaken for a white girl. Exploitative? I don't know. I feel like in this day and age, it's more of an appreciation of the beautiful past.

I can't help being mesmerized by the faces of these three beauties. The last photo reminds me of photos of my mom when she was younger, particularly the finger waves and bold eyebrows.

photos of Liu Wen, Du Juan, and Li Bing Bing courtesy of Vogue


  1. Hi there, new follower here - I also love the fact that Asian models are being featured much more regularly in fashion magazines and ad campaigns. Did you read the article on Asian models in the Dec. 2010 issue of U.S. Vogue? It was a great article but unfortunately, the photos (of which there were only a few) not very unflattering. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting - I hope you will follow my blog!

  2. I always thought asian women are very beautiful. I have a korean cousin who I think is gorgeous. At family reunions they always confuse us, we laugh it off since I'm hispanic but don't tell her how flattered I usually am. Also have a mexicanese aunt. Mexican/Japanese she too is gorg, I am jealous of her flaweless skin!!!!!



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