Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under The Sea, Wish I Could Be...

I've been to Vancouver a number of times as a child and once before with Cam. On our second trip to Vancouver, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium. The inner child comes out in me when I visit aquariums, museums, zoos, and other such establishments. The visual sensory overload brings about this sense of absolute joy. The pure, uncomplicated kind that as adults, we often forget what it is like to experience.

After our visit to the museum, we rented bicycles and rode around Stanley Park, enjoying the outdoors and the mountainous scenery that is just so West Coast.

I can't see myself moving to this side of the continent anytime in the near future. But I can appreciate why many do settle here. There's just something so fresh in the air.


  1. Wow did you take these. Please tell me where they are from can they be bought? I would have one of these blown up Huge for my livingroom!!!

  2. Yep, I took them but with a 7 year old camera with 6megapixels.

    You just gave me an idea! I might print out the orangey guys as a tryptic (oh, look at me using fancy art class words!!)

    Want me to send you the un-resized ones?

  3. Yes I would love you for it! I want to blow one up and I will give you full credit for it. You are really good at photography why haven't you sold any of it? Your stuff is way better than a lot of other shit I've seen on the internet.

    I want it for my living room. I wish I could get your signature on it though. I think every artist should have their work signed.

    That's a damn good camera!

  4. P.s. Girl make sure you copyright this sh*t seriously. It's good stuff no joke.

  5. I adore aquariums - what amazing photographs! I've never been to Vancouver, it is on my list though :)

  6. Thanks!

    Vancouver has such a different feel from Toronto (where I live). There's just something different about the west coast in general! I love the mountainous background.

  7. I want to see if I can get rid of those weird spots of reflection in the first pic before I email you. It's bothering me like a booger on a window.

    I haven't sold or watermarked any of my photos because well....for every nice one you see here, I have a gazillion fails. I figure if anyone ever stole my photos, it'll mean I've gotten good. That sounds logical, right?

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