Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Guest Bathroom Update

Here's another update on the bathroom. Last time the vanity area was hidden from view due to the huge mess of beauty products and other miscellaneous junk strewn everywhere.

I've since cleaned it up a little so here's what it looks like today:

My lens isn't wide enough to capture the whole bathroom but you get the idea. As I mentioned in my previous update (located here), there are still a few minor enhancements I want to make but otherwise I'm done here and ready to focus my attentions on the next room.

This bathroom was done on a REALLY low budget. The mirror was framed with moulding from Home Depot. I used pre-primed moulding but in the future I'll save a few bucks, go with wood, and prime it myself. I cut it down to the lengths of the mirror using a hacksaw at Home Depot but in the future, I would like a saw at home as doing it AT the store means you have to have all your measures, correct and ready.

The paint is the same on the vanity and frame. It's a $1 sample paint point from Martha Stewart in "Francesca". I used two coats of paint, then I coated the vanity with a layer of Minwax Polycrylic as well.

Here's a couple BEFORE/AFTER shots:


  1. Oh, wow, your bathroom looks gorgeous! And SO CLEAN. I'm really jealous. The dark wood looks so much cleaner and more modern. :)

    I love the ladder-style shelving, too! Where can I find one?

  2. awalkinthecloset10/22/12, 11:46 AM

    Thanks Denise! And it is only clean for these photos. It's usually a mess of products, I must confess.
    As for the ladder-style shelving, it's from Kitchen Stuff Plus. I think it's regularly around $60-70 but goes on sale a couple times a year to $29.99 (you have to sign off for their email blasts as the coupon is in there). They're cheaply made (laminate) but works for non-high traffic areas and those on a superlow budget.
    PS: I kind of wanted to use it for makeup/nail polish storage but I think if we actually had a guest over, they'd have a heart attack so I refrained and kept it hidden under the vanity. Lol!

  3. the transformation went well!! xoxo

  4. Oh WoW! Love it! My personal preference is for warm, earthy colors but I think you have swayed me to the cool side of life.

  5. Wow the transformation of the bathroom is beautiful!

  6. Ella Pretty Blog10/23/12, 1:14 PM

    Love the dark frame and cabinetry - what a difference it makes - the lighting is gorgeous too! It looks like a hotel bathroom now (can't get any better than that in my book LOL!)

  7. what sheen did u use in your polycrylic? I just painted my vanity black and wasnt going to put a top coat of anything but a few spots have already chiipped. and think i should coat it with something

  8. I love the color on the walls. Can you share the name? Thanks!



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