Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poster Picks

I remember in university, there would be a huge Poster Fair at the beginning of every year. This poster company would come in, fill the first floor of a large campus building, and thousands of students would flood in to buy posters for around $20-30 each. Many would buy posters of their favourite bands, athletes, actors, etc. Others would purchase reprints of famous photography, Van Gogh, Klimt, etc. Unfortunately, the prison-like concrete walls, beige paint, and industrial barf carpeting were just too Utilitarian Dorm to pretend otherwise!

However, I still think posters, when nicely framed, can make as big an impact as an original at a fraction of the price. Black gallery frames instead of Sticky Tack and push pins make all the difference.

Here's a few that caught my eye. There's a some great colors in here to follow through a wall color or existing accents.

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