Sunday, January 16, 2011

Girly Girl

I think I've mentioned before that I would probably never paint a room or wall in my house pink. Cam would either kill me (during a pink-induced hallucination) or slowly wither away into a shell of a man. He's more of a dark wood, clean lines kinda guy. Realistically, that's more me. But it certainly doesn't stop me from getting out a completely girlish shy while going through these images.

The first image is the home of Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy, the duo behind the chic clothing and accessories line Loeffler Randall (I love their Matilde boots!). The second image is the home of Erin Fetherston, designer of pretty dresses and feminine casual wear. Both use a similar color scheme but it's interesting seeing how the differences in their fashion style translates into their decor style.

I love that all of these rooms are unabashedly romantic and feminine without being frilly and fussy.

1 comment:

  1. oh these are so lovely! so inspirationall(: i just found your blog and looking at all the photography and interesting posts you have(: i'm loving it!

    great job(:




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