Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mood Lighting

I hate how lacking light is in most rental apartments. There's always this black hole somewhere in the unit where there's no ceiling light. In our current apartment, someone forgot about the entire living room area.

3 years into our stay here, we finally found our lamp! I've been holding off because the very Zen paper lamp from IKEA that won't do with our two crazy cats and I hate those generic plastic and metal ones from big box stores. Unfortunately, I just had to fall in love with the Arco lamp (below) in all of its $3000ish glory.

But low and behold, I found a similar lamp at Home Depot of all places! With a gift card from dear Dad for Christmas, it came out to $20. Granted, you could never pass it off for the original, but this much smaller version fits our small apartment perfectly and didn't even break the piggy bank!


  1. Oooh girl what color is that lamp from Home Depot??? I like it especially for the price. I might have to copy and get one for myself!

  2. Haha, that's what happens when I try to take "artistic" photos! It looks brass but it's actual silver - more of a brushed metal than chrome. $109.99CDN at Home Depot so probably cheaper in the US. You can adjust how far the lamp reaches out. :)



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