Sunday, January 2, 2011

Window Shopping New Year's Day

Cam and I had a wonderful time at our friend's place for New Year's Eve celebrations. We had a delicious home cooked meal and lots and lots of wine and bubbly. We ended up leaving around 3AM and thinking we would catch the subway as it was free all night. Unfortunately, we waited for 40 minutes in the underground (along with a number of others!) before an employee came down and told us the train had left. GRRR. We walked home instead and it ended up being quite a treat. I walked across these beautiful window displays which I just had to capture.


  1. Eye candy galore!!!! I keep seeing this hot pink pop up everywhere wonder if its gonna be huge in 2011...?

  2. I hope so! I'd get sick of a pink wall pretty quickly but it definitely would be nice as an accent wall.

    If only the other half wasn't prone to seizures due to too much pink shit.

  3. A mistake sometimes lead you to wonderful things in the future, the gallery was great, I love the furniture and the accessories. Keep posting, god bless!
    Sherman Unkefer



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