Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Femme Noir

I love walking at night, especially after a rainstorm or when the snow is falling. It just looks so beautiful and dream like under the glowing street lamps. Reminds me of a old movie.

Came home and decided to create a outfit channeling film noir with a dash of glitz.

1) Barneys New York Turtleneck Sweater
2) L.K. Bennett Belle Herringbone Wool Pencil Skirt
3) Miu Miu Leather Pumps
4) Alexander McQueen Satin Flower Knuckle Clutch
5) Ingersoll Rose Gold Leather Watch
6) House of Fraser Pink Glass & Pearl Earrings
7) White House Black Market Flower Cloche Hat
8) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
9) Butter London 'Free' Nail Lacquer


  1. You ever try Yves Saint Laurent lipstick? I have to make a make-up run this weekend for blush NARS hopefully it's as good as everyone says.

    Love the pencil skirt and heels!

  2. Oh and you're pretty brave I walk with a pocket knife on my daily walks and I live in a quiet neighborhood, paranoid much huh.

  3. No, I haven't but I want to! I'm a sucker for packaging though so I'd probably tell you it's awesome like sliced bread when really, it just LOOKS like it...

    PS: Buy from Sephora! Bestest return policy ever.

    PPS: I made sure to wear a giant black parka and mukluks and walk with a waddle. Would scare away even the perviest of pervs.

  4. i'm so tempted to get dark red lipstick like the one you posted... seems so sophisticated...



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