Monday, February 14, 2011

Bhldn's Valentine's Day Launch

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful day regardless if you have big plans or not.

Cam and I will be laying low. We had a busy (and expensive!!) weekend that included creating our bridal registry, ordering our wedding bands, and eating two nice dinners out. So, we will most likely be drinking wine, eating junk food, and plowing through more of our X-Files DVDs.

Today is also a special day in "wedding planning land". The much anticipated Anthropologie Bhldn wedding line officially launched. The website carries through with the whimsy and romantic esthetics of Anthropologie although the styling is also reminiscent of some of J.Crew's pieces (particularly jewelry-wise). If you thought the prices at Anthropologie were a little high, Bhldn is even more so. Granted, it is in line with a lot of mid-end bridal-exclusive labels.

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Having seen Bhldn's goods, I appreciate that it is very much in line with Anthropologie's designs. I'm finding myself to be somewhat more traditional and some of the pieces are a little too hippie and whimsical for me. I have no difficulty imaging any of the Anthro pieces in a Style Me Pretty photo shoot, though.

Here are some gorgeous offerings more to my taste. I think there is really something here for everyone. If not in the clothes, then at least in the accessories.

Also, don't forget to check out the lingerie section! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pieces. My only criticism is that I wish the line was more extensive. Can't wait to see more additions to that category.

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From top, left to right:

1)Eyelet Medley Sheath - $1000
2)Gin Fizz Shift - $450
3)Galore Earrings - $180
4)Helicona Earrings - $220
5)Bow-Topped Bolero - $120
6)Gilded Trillium Kiss-Lock Clutch - $320
7)Bow-Topped Slingbacks - $310
8)Bow-Topped Slingbacks - $310


  1. I love this collection! Thanks for introducing me! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. This crap is all so pretty too bad the prices suck =(

    I want that MIRROR!

  3. Hope you had a happy valentine's day, too Elyse! :)

  4. That mirror will probably cost you a kidney or so!

    Wish they'd show more of the rooms this photoshoot was taken in.

  5. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! There are good etsy shops if you want customized whimsical pieces. Some for less and some are still pricey.

  6. Oh man, I love so many of the pieces... I'm so mad I got married before it launched! LOL!



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