Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monsieur Louboutin's Got You Covered

I picked out these beautiful shoes on Polyvore only to realize I flanked the two middle ones with four pairs of Christian Louboutins.

Clearly, Monsieur Louboutin's got this situation covered. As for my toes? Only sometimes. I broke a pair, I hurt wearing another, and I need to get new heels hammered onto the third. This Louboutin, he is high maintenance, is he not?
1) Christian Louboutin Sexy 100 Peep-toe Patent Leather Pumps
2) Loeffler Randall Paige Criss-Cross Sandals
3) Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass 100 Crystalized Stilettos
4) Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow Stilettos
5) Giuseppe Zanotti Chrome Sandals
6) Christian Louboutin Fifi Pumps

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