Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alright. So walking to work in -10C (-18 with the windchill) with dress pants on was NOT the brightest idea I've had. Not exactly thrilled to be at work but at least my legs are defrosting!

Took a couple quick snapshots this morning. You can't tell, but the snow is coming down like crazy in the first photo. It was moving way too fast to capture!

The second photo is of the 'Fortune Frogs' that we picked up in Beijing. Each one holds a wooden dowel in its mouth. You can take it out and run it down the frogs back, making a different sound with each frog. The shop owner told us to hold the frog facing us and roll the dowel towards ourself,to welcome fortune.

I guess it worked because a month after we brought these guys home, I received a nice raise at work. Either way, they're a cute addition to our home!

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