Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Factory

PANIC TIME!! Our wedding is 3 months and 1 week away. To give you an idea of my procrastination, all of our guests last May/June and I am only now finishing up the invites.

The invites are pretty much done, customized return address stamp and all! I just need to find something to seal the pocket folds with. Perhaps a wax seal or a sand dollar charm.

I'm also very slowly putting together the contents of the OOT (Out-Of-Town) bags for each guest. Each one is waterproof from the inside and perfect for toting things like magazines and dry clothes to the resort beach/pool. The pashminas will be great for the outdoor reception. I'll be putting together a "hangover kit" and some other goodies for this bag.

It was wasn't obvious already, our colors are brown and turquoise. I'm undecided between orange, coral, and yellow as the accent/flower colors.


  1. awalkinthecloset2/3/11, 10:44 PM

    I love your wedding pics! You should post more! :) I never get bored of looking at wedding photos.

    Be careful what you wish for! I'll be making a lot more wedding related posts in the next few months.

  2. awalkinthecloset2/3/11, 10:44 PM

    Thanks! I hope to be done by this weekend so I'll definitely post up the finished product. :) Have fun at your bachelorette!

  3. I LOVE your invites so far, I cant wait to see them all finished!

  4. the peach chablis2/3/11, 10:44 PM

    This takes me back to my wedding planning days last summer! We just got married in September and although it was a crazy whirlwind, sometimes I miss the planning days as they were full of such anticipation! Can't wait to see more. (and if you like wedding porn, I have some pics of our on my blog!)



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