Monday, February 21, 2011

Some Bling Bling

J.Crew and Anthropologie both make funky, romantic, and whimsy jewelry that appeal to me. I actually try to resist the urge to even browse them online because I fear falling a little too much in love.

Unfortunately, the price points just can't be justified for something I would only wear occasionally. And that's where Forever 21 comes in. The materials they use may not be as costly - no silver or gold plating, semi precious stones, etc. but I have found that they really hold their own in terms of quality and style. For a fraction of the price, (I really do mean a mere fraction!) Forever 21 offers pieces that look like they could've easily come from a boutique.

The pieces below were all under $20 and the smaller gray and gold earrings were only $1.50!! Needless to say, this is just a glimpse of my large collection of Forever 21 pieces.

I highly recommend taking a closer look at the jewelry section at your local store.


  1. Hey Lindsay! I didn't know you were blogging over here now! Yay, going back to read your posts!

    Hehe, I like browsing Forever21 for cheapie accessories, too. Seriously cheap and I don't need to feel guilty about it! :)

  2. Sydney, so glad you found me! I used to read your Sydney Delicious blog but one day it was gone and I was like this... :`(

    Going over to catch up on your blog, too. Yay!



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