Friday, May 20, 2011

Windsor Smith Interiors

I'm sort of a closet traditionalist. While I enjoy the beauty of minimalism of Scandinavian and Japanese design, the quirkiness of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modernism, I always seem to gravitate towards traditional design albeit with a very healthy dose of eclecticism.

I guess if you were to put me in a category, I would be "eclectic traditionalism". But since we're not in an interior design class, you can just call me apartment-dweller-with-ideas-too-big-to-fit.

I hate overly decorated and fussy homes with too many ruffles and pillows, everything but the dog in damask covers, crown molding in every nook and cranny, and globs of beige and butter-yellow. I believe that would look better on the set of a Disney princess film remake....maybe.

When I think of traditional design in my terms, I think of creating a home based on what's timeless, tried and true, but adding personal touches through bold use of non-traditional colors, modern artwork and sculptures, and esthetics borrowed from other styles.

One name comes to mind for me when I think of the type of home I would like to have (in my dreams) and that's Windsor Smith. I feel like she successfully makes a traditional home still relevant.

In my mid-20's now, I'm looking for something more casual and fun....less grand, ornate, glam, heirloom, and all those other words that come to mind when you think of "estate" homes. Heck, I imagine in a couple decades, I will still be going for a much more toned-down version of her look. But her portfolio is a great place to start for inspirations.

See Windsor Smith's portfolio here.


  1.  I love this selection of images. I'm about to move flats next weekend and so home inspiration is exactly what I've been scouring the web for recently. I really love the colour palette in the photo second from the bottom. 

    Love your description of your own taste and I totally agree - too fussy and cluttered does my head in. I've sort of gone on this minimal brigade lately... there is something so refreshing about keeping things simple and clean without too much stuff everywhere. Well, that's easier said than done and I equally dislike the feel of a sterile unlived in home. I guess striking the balance just right is what's most important.

    Also, I quite like the idea of having things in a house really neutral and then being able to add in pops of colour depending on the season and what you're currently liking. Like yellow and orange in the summer and warm reds in the winter... kind of like getting dressed but for your house. Oh my gosh... I need help. 

    Thanks for the great inspiration! xx

  2. Wow, such inspiration.  She's amazing!



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