Friday, August 12, 2011

The One That Got Away

I have at least two more wedding-photo post to go. That may or may not be good news to you but either way, I am interrupting this series to make a sad post.

My husband and I have been thinking of purchasing our first home for the past two years or so. We've gone on more open houses than we can count to the point where we've seen three different properties from the same agent! I bet he was thinking, "are they ever gonna even get to it?!"

Well, we finally did. We called up my parents long-time real estate agent and made an appointment for yesterday evening. We've been looking at mostly new-build and newer-build resale townhouses and semi-detaches because they're the right amount of house for the amount of money we have. Our dream house is an older home with a large lot but unfortunately, they are uber-uber prime land and big bucks in the suburbs. Then we found one in our price range....

Earlier this week I found THE PERFECT HOUSE. At least from the listings. Built in 1919 and barn-style with upgraded electrical and heating, a huge lot, within walking distance to transit and the main street, and backs onto a library (I'm a bookworm). SO MUCH POTENTIAL. This house has what I would call "good bones". A beautiful canvas to work with. It was also priced at least $50K less than I would have expected.

I almost cringe when looking at these photos myself because it makes me sad.

Why?...Because it sold the night before we met up with our agent. What. A. Tease. 24 hours! I'm kicking myself that we didn't begin even just a few days sooner than we did.

The good news is? We've finally reached out to an agent, cashed our stocks (and made peace with our losses), and have put in an application for pre-approval with more to come.

Wish us luck! Can't wait to begin with the decor related posts finally. I've put the apartment on hiatus for the last 6 months in anticipation of our move soon.

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