Tuesday, October 4, 2011



I have to balance my love for glitter, bows, and other pretty things with an appreciation for the dark side.

I was surfing the net last night and like many a nights, ended up on Polyvore. I saw this coat on the sidebar and prompty fell head over heels in love. And there's only one word that describes this coat. FIERCE. It totally channels Trinity from the Matrix in all her bad ass glory but minus the cheesy PVC outfit.

And for some reason, that also translated to Yves Saint Laurent's sculptural rings for me. I am in love with the oversize organic shapes plated in yellow cold and wrapped around mesmerizing gems. It's like wearing a piece of the ridiculously opulent Rococo period on your finger or better yet, fingers.

1) YSL Gold-Plated Enamel Ring
2) Me and Kashmiere Enya Pasmina Scarf in Navy
3) Kaufmanfranco Belted Leather & Wool Coat
4) Miu Miu Leather Platform Boots
5) YSL Arty Gold Plated Glass Ring

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