Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coming Soon: Cam + Lindsay + House

It hit us this weekend that we are three weeks away from M-O-V-I-N-G D-A-Y! How did the time fly by so fast? Just yesterday, I was consciously holding myself back from any house-related planning because it was just too far away...but now? We're in the really-have-to-get-a-move-on-with-the-packing phase.

We were able to visit the house this past weekend to take some much needed measurements. It looks like my original idea for the bedroom works but I still have to work on the living room - specifically, research what sized couches we would need to make our ideal layout work (see my living room post).

We also visited Lowe's to check out dishwashers and the Rustoleum Kitchen and Cabinet transformation kits that you may have seen on all the DIY decor blogs out there. I've decided to go with that kit as it doesn't make sense to tear out year-old cabinets just for their color... Unfortunately, I completely forgot to look for the kit when we were there because I was too busy gathering these up instead:

The entire house is getting a new coat of paint and I'd like to do it soon after we move in, before we have too many pieces of furniture to move around.

It's going to be like the playoffs.....seaglass vs raindrop, wheat vs sandy beach, dark roast vs rich earth. Who will be the winners? Who will be the losers? Is there gonna be an epic shutout? Stay tuned......

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