Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ZAZA Restaurant - Beijing, China

I'm back in Toronto! I have to admit, although I visit Beijing annually, have gone without Cam more times than with, and went for less than two weeks this time, I became really home sick by the second week.

Living in Stouffville has really spoiled me. The traffic, population, smog, and general "big city"-ness of Beijing seems like just a jarring difference.

But despite realizing how much I couldn't live in the city again, I still hand a wonderful time visiting with family, shopping, eating, and taking in a few tourist attractions.

My dad took me to ZAZA, a "fusion" restaurant if you will. The decor was beautiful and the food delicious. Here are some photos of the delicious and plentiful food we had.

With Beijing so inland, I was surprised at how fresh the sashimi was. And the kimchi hotpot full of veggies? So SOO delicious! I kept eating even though I was so stuffed.

I have tons more photos from this trip and a number of beauty reviews to post as well so expect lots of activity on this blog in the next while.

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