Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitchen Nook Inspiration

I've been severely neglecting this blog. I have so much to post about but have just been feeling this general lack of energy in between work, running errands, puttering around the house, and dealing with the heat wave in the past couple weeks with NO AIR CONDITIONING!

I have however, been keeping up with my favourite blogs and today I came across this photo on Young House Love's blog (originally from House Beautiful).


I am in love! 1) I have that mirror (or at least, a cheaper version of it) and have yet to find a place for it. 2) The accent "wall" looks to be panelling which is a great idea as I'm not sure about doing such a dark color permanently. 2) The panel color is similar to our old living room accent wall, which I adored.

It's funny. Seems like I have a real weakness for this type of palette. Here's the photo that inspired our living room years ago (see Home Tour section of my blog):


Similar, no?

Now I'm really tempted to make a weekend project out of doing something similar in our kitchen nook.

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  1. miss luxurylavishlife8/1/12, 6:12 AM

    Nice blog! Hope you visit mine!



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