Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally, a Guest Bathroom Update!!

Okay, reveal time again! This isn't a complete one but I was just too impatient. Reveal part II for the guest bathroom coming soon.

A while back I posed about the ladder shelf as a storage solution for the guest bathroom (original post here) I looked up some inspiration photo which were pretty convincing about how pretty it could be.

I ended up not purchasing one for the bathroom but instead two (black) ones for the living room as you saw in the previous post.

That was month's ago and I didn't think the deal would come around again but...it did! I quickly went to the store and nabbed a white one for the bathroom as I thought black might be too heavy. Plus, I already had that version in the living room.

Here's what it looks like in the guest bathroom:

Here's a comparison with the lovely BEFORE photo:

Quite a difference, eh? If you're interested in the sources for this room, please take a look at the Home Tour page at the top of my blog.

I'm almost done with this room. From this view, I would like to change the light above the toilet and find magazine/trash holders that are a little more pleasing to the eyes. The view that you

I'll do a complete reveal soon - including the finished product resulting from this post and this post.)


  1. wow, i really like how much of an impact the addition of the shelf makes! the theme looks so vacation/beach-esque-- i love it!!

  2. awalkinthecloset10/10/12, 11:33 AM

    Thanks Katrina! BTW, I totally know you from somewhere?! anitrak? Were you on laundro back in the day?

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't believe the difference! I love your guest bathroom. It's bright, airy and beautiful and so is your living room.

  4. awalkinthecloset10/13/12, 9:37 PM

    Thanks so much Marlene. I'm really glad you like it! :D

  5. haha yep! I was on laundo back in the day :D
    funny to see how much we're all still connected!



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