Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shout Out To The Shorties!

image courtesy of shutterstock

Just had to make a I feel like I just slid down a rainbow into a pot of gold. It's funny that I read so many blogs on so many different topics and have only just discovered that there is a whole WORLD out there blogging about PETITE CLOTHING! Yes, that's right. People who understand the pain of 'flares' turning into little trumpets after a 5 inch hem job and cute blazers looking like grandpa's cast offs.

These blogs do make me feel bad about all my bitchin' and moaning, though. Most of these ladies are much shortly and slimmer than myself. I never knew I could be an Amazon!

Here's a few I'm eager to read through tonight:

Extra Petite
Alterations Needed
From Head To Toe
Style Pint
Tiny in Texas
Diary of a Shopper
Petite in the City
The Little Dust Princess
Short Cuts 101
Tiny in NYC

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