Wednesday, February 9, 2011

J.Crew Online Order = A Slam Dunk!

Cam got a call from the postal worker today asking to be buzzed in to deliver a package. Unfortunately, he was at work so he asked him to leave a pick-up note, then promptly called me to ask what it was.

Oops! So much for online shopping and hiding it from the man. I had to fess up that it was my J.Crew order (see this post). Although I pay for my own 'goodies', knowing he knows makes me feel guilty. Really because I know I was weak and lost my will against a good sale! Now my poor bank account is looking at me with sad puppies eyes going "feed me, feed me".

But, I'm going to ignore said bank account because this order was an absolute success. Talk about getting a slam dunk on the first try!

For those of you J.Crew fans, here's the photos and reviews:

Reference: In Gap brands I usually wear 0P/25 pants and XS tops. Bra band 36. I like my clothes fitted.

♥ Lace Love Tank in Dusty Lilac in 2
Wish I had bought the other colors! This is a true gray. I don't see anything "lilac" about it but it's beautiful nonetheless. I have been looking for a piece like this! Most "flowy" tanks I've tried are too big in the armholes, too lowcut, too wide, etc. but this one is perfect. There is no zipper and only a little stretch (due to the bias rather than actual stretch in the fabric, I think) so a size 0 might have been too tight to get in and out of. It looks great with cardigans as you can see but I think with just a blazer or on its own would be just as nice.

♥ Dulphine Bling-Button Cardigan in Dark Raisin XS
The yarn is loose-knit and seems to be made of average wool. Slightly scratchy compared to merino but still pretty soft. The cut is fitted but with the type of weave, I know it will stretch out by the end of the day. The diamond-cut buttons are a cute detail but roll around. I like my buttons flush against the fabric. Still, I would buy this again as it's a great basic with a little "bling". Slim cut and I probably won't wear this buttoned up as this button/weave combination looks very stretched.

♥ Dulphine Bling-Button Cardigan in Concord Grape XS
Same review as the above but I have to say I really like this color! It's a beautiful way to brighten up a gray outfit in the winter but I can imagine it with nudes or light yellow this spring.

♥ Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan in Weathered Wood XS
I'm impressed with the merino, it's silky and tightly woven. I also like that the sleeves are slimmer at the wrists to allow for bracelets and watches. It's a little looser at the bottom which is perfect to pair with a flowy tank. The button holes are on the actual ruffles which is kind of neat.

♥ Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan in Heather Caramel XS
Same material as above but the details are a little different. This look is a little more streamlined and slim. This would look nice under a blazer and/or with a fitted tank.

♥ Drapey Ruffle Henley in Navy in XS
Wow. This feels like water flowing on my bottom, it feels so silky and slippery. I believe it's a cotton/poly blend but WOW, talk about comfortable! The sleeves are slim but it seems to be a trend with J.Crew. However, the bottom is loose. This is an XS but if compared to the sweaters, would be like a small-medium on the bottom. I usually wear my clothes fitted but this is very cute! Would be lovely for a casual outfit with khakis, cords, or a pair of white jeans.

♥ Petite Stretch Vintage Bootcut in Navy 25
I almost never buy bottoms online because in general, pants have to be more tailored or you get Waist Gap, Saggy Butt, Creasy Crotch, etc. especially as I am hipless with muscular thighs so while I don't get the gap, I frequently fall victim to S.B. and C.C! I wouldn't say these are AMAZING because my size would be between a 24-25 in these. The cut is a little too in between for me. I like my pants either skinny or more flared. This 'bootcut' style is hard to pair with footwear and I feel looks a little shapeless. I am a 28/29 inseam and I still have to wear heels, albeit something low in this petite version. I do like that the navy is a rich near-black and very thick so these will be perfect for winter.

Shopping Experience The ordering experience was great. I ordered on Thur Jan 27, it shipped Tues Feb 1, and arrived Wed Feb 9 which is average for USPS/Canada Post airmail delivery. The free shipping offer extended to Canada which is practically unheard of in eShoppingland. Items were packaged in a recycled materials box that was JUST enough space for my pieces. I hate when companies use giant boxes for small items. Each item was folded neatly in a plastic bag. The only thing I paid was duty (items made in China) and tax (standard).


  1. We have J. Crew here but I have not fully had a chance to check it out see I'm kinda off a A&F and American eagle junkie. I guess cause I can still pull it off I'm tiny, no hips so their clothe fits me perfect. Plus it's cheap. I dress it up so most of the time you wouldn't even know hey I'm only 28!!!

    Maybe it's time to check J. Crew out I'm sure I can find some pieces I like there.

    You are very brave for ordering pants online.

  2. Bri, I totally rock the A&F (and Hollister!!) and AE, too. Age appropriate for this ;'18' year old (according to the liquor store clerks...) on weekends. Unfortunately, I was starting to look like a slob at the office. I tried to argue with a coworker that my black Levi's were "twill", not "denim"!

    Plus, these items were on steep discount AND extra 40% off AND free shipping. Ended up being around $130 all in. Woo!

  3. I love J. Crew - I think a good three quarters of my wardrobe comes from J. Crew. Their sizing is pretty consistent and everything eventually goes on sale. The only problem is that when stuff does go on sale, you have to be pretty fast on the checkout button to get what you want.



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