Monday, February 28, 2011


I can't wait until Cam and I have a car. Right now we borrow his stepmother's when it's available on the weekends.

I don't feel the need for a car during the weekday now. We work in the same office and the commute is a 15 minute walk. Since we're right downtown Toronto, we can just walk or take the public transit if we're going out on a weeknight. Anywhere further than that and we usually aren't interested in going that late anyway. Yep, we're homebodies.

On the weekends, we've gotten into a routine of spending the time at my mom's in the suburbs, eating out, and doing various errands such as mooching free laundry ($2.25 a load in our building) and buying groceries. So having no car really puts a kink in our routine.

We're hoping to purchase a car in the late summer or fall, shortly before we purchase our neat little suburban abode. The Subaru Impreza and Scio tC are at the top of our list right now.


  1. Love the first pic!

    Yeah, I find that when you live/work downtown, a car really isn't necessary at all. I barely venture to areas where that isn't accessibly by foot/public transit.

    And oooh, where are you guys looking to buy a house? Living in Toronto is so expensive, I can see why everyone moves out of the core.

  2. WTF pretend I'm not all fobby like that that second sentence actually made sense.

  3. wooooo wait yall dont have a car? That's craziness how do you find cool sh*t at local thrift stores and then get it home???? How do you not deal with dick drivers only to bring on full road rage followed by your best friend the finger? Walking is all gravy but yeah definitely get a car an then tell me all about your rode rage stories.

  4. Lol! We're looking in york's THAT for fobby? We're looking at townhouses and semis in Stouffville. My mom's in Markham but I hate the traffic there and prices are now the same if not higher than Toronto (just not downtown).

    The commute's gonna be killer but we've conceded to the fact that we're homebodies, never go out, and therefore don't really need to be close to things. Yes, we're in our mid twenties and lead less exciting lives than our parents. Yikeess.

  5. I really want a credenza. I don't know why. Maybe to keep all my crap under wraps or maybe just because it's a cool soundin' word. But....I can't. I can only buy what I can fit into a bag. !@#$.

    Not only do we not have a car, but I don't even have my license.'s true. I'm one of those lame-o people who can't (legally) drive! But maybe that's a good thing because I have enough road rage for the both of us.

    Think of me as the classic comic sidekick. I'm the one making faces, yelling, and sticking out that middle finger from the passenger window. I am also known for peer pressuring people into honking at dick drivers.

  6. Maybe you shouldn't drive and I only tell you this because I was just in a hit and run this morn and the lady that hit me jumped in my car to verbally assault me.
    Yep true story. She hit me goes racist on me and then speeds off when she sees me calling the cops. Horrid experience but on the bright side Im proud for keeping my cool and not doing something stupid. So if you do get a car someday always lock your doors!!!!!!! People are crazyw

  7. Holy crap! What a nutcase! Were you able to get her license and report her?

    On that note...When I read your first words, I thought you were trying to tell me I'm gonna be like that lady...

  8. bahhhaa no just a warning there are some crazy people out there. lock your doors. And yes I got her plates they are looking for her. Thank God.



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