Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Can you tell I'm excited for warmer weather? This winter weather just won't go away. By this time last year, I was wearing a fall coat. Right now I'm still in a dead-of-the-winter Michelin man parka. Granted, I like to be a little cozier than the average person but still, this is getting a little tedious.

We're getting a lot of sunshine but not the temperature to match. And I'm getting really really impatient.


  1. You know as much as I love black I'm kind of tired of wearing it now. I look at my colorful spring clothes in their clear plastic boxes and can't wait to break them out!

  2. Me, too! On that note, I remember following your outfits during the StyleDiary days and you posted this colorful pleated Missoni skirt. I don't remember what it looked like exactly but it was so quintessential "summer". ;)



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