Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paper Cranes

image courtesy of Event Lucky

image courtesy of Robert Sakrucha Wedding Photography

image courtesy of Josh & Rebecca's Wedding Set on flickr

In addition to the DIY luminares I posted about here, I plan on turning into an origami machine and folding a gazillion paper cranes.

Originally I was just going to string them up like a curtain from a tree for the reception. But now I am thinking of folding additional cranes in various sizes to spread on the grounds and tables around the ceremony and reception areas like confetti. As for the paper crane curtain, I may fold some to hang around the ceremony "chuppa".

I'm also undecided on whether to go with all white or colored cranes. It's a beach ceremony and the wedding colors are turquoise and blue, so I'm afraid multi-colored cranes would be too distracting. Then again, they are just so beautiful and whimsy and I think they would have a much more dramatic affect than plain white. I contemplated cranes in my wedding colors but that might be a little too matchy-match.


  1. I love this! I want to make some for the destroyers room, where can I find a simple tutorial? I like this better than the mustache idea. I say go the colorful route like in the first picture.

  2. So....I shouldn't make a curtain out of mustaches? It won't look romantic? And here I thought my craftiness might be appreciated...

    ;-) I'm leaning towards the colorful route, too.



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