Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Frenzy!

WARNING!If you are not a fan of wedding talk, please do not read on. For the rest of you....

We are now less than two weeks away from departure! The weather was beautiful this Easter long weekend but definitely not hot enough. It's still in the mid-teens (about 50's Fahrenheit) and makes me long for the beach and balmy weather.

On Saturday, my maid-of-honor and I spent about 7 hours at Yorkdale Mall. Yes, craziness. We both bought a swimsuit at Victoria Secret (I'm now up to 5 for the week-long trip!). I was looking for a plain black set and the one below was perfect. No, unfortunately that's not me in the photo...

Our day included makeup application appointments at Bobbi Brown (in Holt Renfrew) as we'll be doing our own makeup for the big day. It was interesting to see the vastly different techniques the two beauty advisers who worked with us. I loved the colors my adviser used but not the application. I have yet to find a makeup artist who is not Asian do a natural eye on me. Still, I somehow ended up spending over $200 there. I plea guilty to a moment of insanity.

I ordered my bridesmaid dress on Etsy from The Jersey Maid who makes convertible dresses. Here's a photo from her website of the extract dress I bought. It fit perfectly. We couldn't be happier with the result! And now she can wear the same dress in two different ways for the ceremony and the reception to follow. Plus, she'll be able to wear it again and again after the wedding, too.

Here's a photo from her Etsy shop:

Just a word of warning. The next couple weeks will most likely involve a lot of wedding-related ramblings so for those of you who don't care of it, my apologies!

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