Monday, May 2, 2011

The Countdown (and Last Minute DIYs) Begin!

We depart for Punta Cana Sunday morning with 23 of our closest friends and family! Our photographer and his wife will be arriving from Texas the day before. All week I've been checking the weather reports for Punta Cana and it has been predicting rain and thundershowers the entire week, including WEDDING DAY! Cam told me tonight he's surprised at how well I've been taking it considering both our ceremony and reception are outside. But you know what? At this point, what can we do? The resort is beautiful and huge so even if it rains, I'm sure there'll be another choice location we can use. Plus, anything to get away from this awful weather in Toronto.

This was our last full weekend and we used it to run more wedding-related errands. We got Cam's pants hemmed, bought another suitcase, craft supplies, clothes, makeup, etc.

Today we're picking up a couple items from our registry, buying Cam a pair of desperately-needed sneakers, writing thank you cards, finishing up an ideas list for our photographer, and rooming list for our on-site coordinator.

Tomorrow will be a very long and expensive hair appointment and probably a late night's worth of craftiness. I'll try to post daily with a update on the various last minute projects (and freak out sessions) I'll be doing this week.

For now I'll leave you with project numero uno. See the original inspiration post here. I picked up a Martha Stewart hole puncher at Michael's this weekend, used it on a paper bag, put a candle inside, and voila! I was delighted to see it also creates pretty confetti I can use to sprinkle the tables with.


  1. How exciting! Hope everything goes smoothly and that you're able to enjoy yourself through the process! Good luck finishing off everything! xx

  2. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain for y'all. Congrats!



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