Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Wedding in Paradise - Part IV (Trash The Dress!!)

Today is the last of my wedding photos posts. This is the Trash The Dress series we did with Jared Rey the day after the wedding. The concept of a Trash The Dress session kept coming up during my perusal of internet wedding blogs and forums, particularly those pertaining to destination weddings. It's basically a fun, creative, and sexy photo shoot after the wedding day. With the idea that you only wear your wedding dress once, you might as well trash it while getting some great shots in.

As you can see, this is not the dress I wore to my actual wedding. Why? Well, this was originally THE dress but being the prude I am, it seemed a little too sexy for the ceremony. I was still debating that when my friends and I came across my very princess-like ceremony dress with its gazillion layers of white flounce and fell in love. I wasn't going to wear that into the water because really, who wants to drown the day after their wedding? But this sleek and sexy Notte by Marchese number was perfectly up to the task.

We went low budget with Cam's oufit. The linen shirt and pants are both from Old Navy and cost about $50 in total. It looked just as nice as a similar $200 outfit from Banana Republic would have, in my opinion.

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