Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Makeup Notes to Self

I wanted to share some makeup 'tips and tricks' that I use when applying my makeup. Before I get on my soapbox, I just want to write a quick disclaimer. I am far from an expert at things beauty-related. In fact, I'm quiet useless at things like blending multiple eyeshadow colors together, applying false lashes, curling my hair, etc.

But with that in mind, I've come across a few tricks that make my life easier in the mornings. Either through trial and error or reading print media, these have become my tried and true methods:

1) Curl lashes from root to tip in 2-3 steps to create a natural curl instead of a crimp, then go back to the root to curl one last time. By the time I'm down to the tip of my lashes, they've drooped down a bit. My lashes fight against that curl, so the last step brings them back up before I set with mascara.

2) After applying mascara, use a felt-tip liquid eyeliner to dot between the lashes. I have very fine and sparse lashes. Dotting between the lashes makes them seem fuller without looking like I have eyeliner or false lashes on.

3) Use matte eyeshadow to fill in brows instead of or over eyebrow pencil. When you have sparse and light brows, it's very difficult to create a naturally full look unless you're a makeup guru (which I'm not). The shadow helps soften the edges and let's me get away with a less than steady/light hand.

4) Slant tip eyeliner brushes are your friend! I use this to fill my brows in the method above. I have a newer one with tighter bristles that I use to create a clean line and an older one with more splayed out bristles I use to blend the lines a little when they are too sharp. I also use this to line just above my upper lashes with some brown eyeshadow to hide mascara that may have dabbled onto my lids while applying it close to the roots. Much easier than trying to get a Q-tip in there with my lashes already curled up.

5) Use a lipstain under lipstick or gloss I love the type that looks like a marker. A lot of brands in various price points make these now including Josie Maran, Smashbox, Covergirl, and NYC. I particularly like the cheap NYC ones since I'm using these just as a base. I'm constantly eating so lipstick fades really fast. This keeps the color going before I have a chance to reapply. I always use a shade similar to the "topcoat".

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