Monday, December 5, 2011

At Peace in Napa Valley



Those were the first words that came to mind when I happened upon this house tour on Architectural Digest.

This is the home of Don and Rela Gleason, the husband and wife team behind Summer Hill Interiors. It is nestled on 40 acres of sprawling land in Napa Valley, California and originally consisted of two cottages built as a "test" to see how the couple liked rural living in comparison to their existing San Francisco dwellings (can you imagine begin able to do that?).

As their offspring became parents themselves, the Gleasons decided to build a larger house to hold the additional family members that came to visit. Below are the results of an 18-month project in collaboration with Alabama-based architectural firm McAlpine Tankersley Architecture.

This seems to me a place to take it slow, to speak softly, and to sit outside savouring a glass of wine while you're watching the sunset.

So beautiful.

all images courtesy of Architectural Digest

For complete house tour and article, click here.

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