Monday, December 12, 2011

HomeSense Finds

Cam and I went for a nightstand hunt Saturday. We didn't have much luck at Value Village (where I was hoping for a DIY project!) nor Home Sense. But I did snap these shots of pretty home finds at HomeSense.

And my absolute FAVOURITES below....

I really wish we had hardwood flooring because I am in love with this carpet. Unfortunately, we have carpet and I hate the carpet-on-carpet look.

Those zebra-print chairs with the velvety stripes have been taunting me for the past month! I've seen them in a few stores in blue and hot pink (they look so glam!) for $150 which is not a bad price. Unfortunately, I can't think of a place to put them and really, should I be spending $300 on a pair of chairs when we have a gazillion other must-gets?

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