Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Is Not Like The Other

Do you ever think to yourself, "how can she like that??" or on the flip side, "how can she not like that??".

I'm talking beauty products. Specifically, how user experiences can differ so much. Yes, some products have a higher number of positive reviews but the only thing that tells you is that there is a greater likelihood you'll like the product. It doesn't tell you with absolute certainly that the product will work for you.

I can understand why a skincare product may not work the same on someone with dry versus oily skin. Or how mauve may not work on two different skin tones. But I always find it interesting when two reviewers with very similar basis (be it skin tone, skin type, style, etc.) can end up at such different conclusions?

It's not neccessarily a bad thing. I just find it really interesting.

I wonder if it's because we have different expectations of a product? That we may want to get something different out of it?

Let's say two women have the same type of eyelashes but to one, length and curl are essential and to the other, thickness and waterproofing are a must. They end up with the same tangible results; both had longer curled lashes, but first woman loves the mascara and the second doesn't. Why? Sure, the second woman enjoyed the lengthening and curling qualities but to her, the fact that the product didn't give her the thickness and waterproofing she wanted meant that to her, it didn't "work".

I guess it really underlines the concept that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It it doesn't achieve the affect you want, it didn't look good.

But on that note, I don't think I'll ever get tired of viewing beauty reviews. Don't get me wrong, I love reading reviews but sometimes a photo will take me from a Yay to a Nay and vice versa despite what was written. Someone may think that a highlighter doesn't give enough of a shine but I may really like the semi-matte look of it.

So my question to you is...have you ever purchased an unpopular product only to discover that it works for you? Or I suspect more commonly, have you ever purchased a product that everyone else seems to like but just did not work for you?

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