Monday, March 5, 2012

Working on Fumes

Sneak peak at what I'm working on. I`m repainting the guest bathroom vanity. Here`s the before:

I removed the doors and drawers and taped the edges.

Okay, so yes, I have a lot of potential empties to go through. This should provide me with a lifetime (or 10!) worth of EMPTIES posts.

I am using a primer from Zinsser called Cover Stain which is oil based. There's also a blue Bullseye 123 (water based) and BIN (shellac based) version. Oil-based primer/paints are far superior to water based when it comes to adhering to "slippery" surfaces such as laminate or in this case, varnished wood although the smell is quite bad and really lingers. I left the fan going on overnight and after returning from work today there's still a smell, albeit much lighter.

I used two coats of primer. You can see in the center panel the different between a single coat (around the edges) and two coats (the middle). The latter is opaque.

When I checked today, the panels were dry. Unfortunately, the brush marks are really noticeable even though I tried to brush the primer carefully, in sweeping strokes.

I tried to purchase some paint conditioner but can you believe it?...Neither Walmart Supercentre, Canadian Tire, nor Home Depot had any in stock. Apparently paint conditioner is too obscure a concept.

But this does give me the chance to ask you all the following question all important question:

Which color should I paint the cabinets? An almost black? Or a light gray?


I don't have a paint color in mind for the walls yet. The gray would be easier to apply (since I used a white primer) but the counter is a pinkish beige laminate which doesn't look very nice with light gray. At the same time, the black is beautiful but perhaps it's too dramatic? Please help!

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