Friday, May 11, 2012

Favourites from The National Museum of China

There are over a million pieces at the National Museum of China. Of course, I didn't see them all. But even so, there was plenty of stunning artwork and pieces of history to feast my eyes on.

This is just a minute reflection of what I saw. Can you believe some of these items are hundreds, even thousands of years old?

Sometimes it seems like we've come so far with technology but other times, like upon seeing some of these intricately made pieces? It seems like mankind did pretty okay with the "primitive" tools they had back then.

The other thing I found really fascinating was the global influence in many pieces. Way before Mark Zuckerberg was born, people were trading with each other, sharing ideas and thoughts and ways of life.

You'll see below influences from other Asian countries and even Europe! This was way before Chinese cloisonné pieces became popular over there.

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