Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TOPBOX: April 2012

Sorry, this one is way overdue as I was out of the country for a couple weeks in April and when I got home, I was distracted by

But here it is anyway:

April's box came with the following items:

1) Full sized Misa nail polish in Satin Slippers
2) 30ml Bella Pella lotion in Tropical Flowers
3) 2ml Lise Watier HydraSmart 3D Hydration Tinted Veil
4) 7.5ml Benefit The POREfessional PRO Balm
5) Dab card sample of Cargo blu_ray Pressed Powder

The full sized nail polish is $8.99. Based on a unit price calculation, the lotion is $2.70, tinted veil $1.76, balm is $11.63.

$8.99+$2.70+$1.76+$11.63=$25.08. I left out the pressed powder because I can't imagine that has enough product to even be calculated!

This month's worth dollar-wise is quite poor but let's move on to the review to see if it's worth anything product-wise...

FULL SIZE Misa Nail Lacquer in Satin Slippers - Full size 15ml for $8.99M
So boring. This color/finish reminds me of 80's and 90's. It's pretty sheer and streaky on the fingers, too. I love that this is "personalized". What??? What did I say to give away penchant for frosty streaky nails?? Maybe someone with a paler skin tone would enjoy this but my tanned yellow-toned skin is just not the canvas for this color.

30ml Bella Pella Body Lotion in Tropical Flowers - Full size 175ml for $15.95
I can't stop smelling this. The scent is quite strong so this is definitely love it or hate it. It reminds me of Hawaii! It goes on as a lotion but some might find it a little greasy. Consistency is the same as Bath & Body Works lotions but lasts slighty longer. I'm really tempted to buy the full size once I run out of this and the other scents on their website sound great. Also thumbs up for beijing a Canadian-based animal-friendly company.

2ml Lise Watier HydraSmart 3D Hydration Tinted Veil - Full size 40ml for $35
I'm loving this! There doesn't seem to be a color listed so maybe it's one-color-suits-most? Either way, the color is actually perfect for my NC35-37 skin. This seems to be marketed to those interested in tinted moisturizers and BB creams. I really like that it feels like a non-greasy moisturizer but has enough coverage to be a light foundation. The price isn't too bad either at 40ml instead of the usual 30ml for most foundation products. I'd consider buying this again.

7.5ml Benefit The POREfessional PRO Balm - Full size 22ml for $34
I already have the fullsized version of this product - read my review here.. Glad I received this as a sample because it will be perfect for travel!

Dab card sample of Cargo blu_ray Pressed Powder
I think these dab card samples really useless. Especially when they come cracked. There's also no further info on the product - it's just listed as the "sponsor" for this month's box. What does that even mean? This achieves nothing...there's no info for this product (what shade was provided, volume/cost of full sized product, etc.)

So overall, what do I think of April's box?

I'd say this was a fairly good box as it gave me the opportunity to try two products I'm interested in repurchasing at full size/price (the whole point of these, right?) and a travel-sized version of something I already own and like.

I just wish when they try to "personalize", they actually get it right. So far, they haven't. If the monthly survey questions could ask more explicit questions like, "do you prefer dark or light nail polish colors?", "is your skin too dry or too oily?", "which foundation products are in your daily routine: concealer, liquid foundation, powder, all, none?" that would help.

May's review is in the works! I should have it up later today

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