Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Thinking Room

The master bedroom is at a halt right now. It's painted and the curtains and ceiling light have been installed. But before decorations go in, we need new furniture. We currently have a queen sized IKEA Malm bed, 6-drawer Malm dresser, and 2 $10 Lack tables as our nightstands. Both were victims of our DIY move - chipped and scratched laminate, broken and crooked drawer fronts, etc. The MDF-and-laminate dresser also just isn't a match for the explosion of clothes straining to burst out (too much Winners trolling...).

To give you an idea of how dire the situation has become...I have to iron each piece of clothing pulled from that abyss several times on high heat because it is THAT wrinkled from smooshing!

The tentative idea is to install the IKEA Pax wardrobe system on one side of the room and purchase better quality (solid wood) bed and dresser.

What this means is...don't expect "Afters" from the master bedroom anytime soon. I'm instead going to focus a bit of money on finishing the powder room downstairs (will post about that soon!) and starting the office upstairs.

This is the space I will be working with. Uninspiring much?

Here are some home office spaces that have caught my eye..

The inspirational photos I have gathered come from completely different spectrums of design but there is something that draws me to each.

I think looking through these, I'm definitely not a minimalist. While I do love the use of white, black, crisp straight lines...I'm always looking for drama as well. I think these days, I'm drawn to rooms that are 1 part classic, 1 part modern, with a dash of glam.

There are also two key requirements for our office space:

1) Functionality
We have a boxy all-in-one printer, computer, router, modem, and a bunch of other unfun but neccessary office equipment. Office spaces in magazines are always so pretty and clear but once thing that's glaringly obviously in many is the lack of actual office equipment! Case in point above. This I think will be a big challenge to make sure that we have a functional office that is still esthetically pleasing.

1) Convertabilty into a nursery.
We expect to have a child in a couple years. If this happens, this room will need to be converted into a nursery (hopefully we'll have a basement finished by then!) with minimal work on our end. This means we have to consider paint color, permanent fixtures to the walls, etc.

Good thing is...I'm really looking forwards to this design challenge!

All photos via my Pinterest "Beautiful Interiors" board located here.

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