Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Any Given Sunday

When the weather is nice on weekends. I like to leave the house during the day. I want to make the most of the daylight and run errands, shop, etc. but in the afternoons and evenings? I like to veg out on the couch.

As winter arrives and the dark comes earlier, there will be more and more vegging out on the couch in comfy clothes, nibbling on treats, drinking sweet things, with a good book in hand. For me, the choice is a no brains needed story of romance on my trusty eReader. I still love a good paperback but sometimes you just need something a little more resistant to freshly baked double chocolate chip cookie crumbs.

Any Given Sunday

Clockwise from top left:
1) Vince stretch leggings
2) Hope Grand sweater tunic
3) Reading Glasses Shop 'The Journey' faux-wood glasses
4) Homemade super yummy chocolate chip cookies
5) William-Sonoma hot chocolate and chocolate marshmallows kit
6) Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi 6" eReader
7) FAIR+true fair trade knitted chunky socks


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  3. Kristin Reynolds12/7/12, 1:01 PM

    love all these choices! love love love!





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