Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOOD RIDDANCE!!! to Commenting Issues...

Just a quick note that I got so fed up with Disqus, I removed it. I lost all the comments that were posted via that add-on to my blog's commenting system so my apologies if yours fell victim. If you haven't heard of Disqus or wasn't sure what it was doing on my blog, it is a comment management add-on. You can add it as a widget on your blog's layout section and read, reply to, and manage comments either directly on your blog or through your dashboard on the Disqus website.

For me, the reply function was the reason for adding it. At the time, Blogger did not allow embedded replies to comments. You had to leave it as a new comment in which case unless the original poster subscribes to that blog post, they will never see your response. And personally, I rarely do that as you end up receiving updates on ALL comments to that post.

I just found out that Blogger now has embedded commenting functionality, allowing replies to comments...threads", if you will. It's apparently still a little glitchy at times but I just switched over as I cannot imagine it being any worse than what Disqus as become.

I'm not sure if the two are related but earlier in the year when Disqus did a huge overhaul, I started experiencing issues with comments not showing up, not being able to reply to them, receiving false notifications, no notification, etc.

So GOOD RIDDANCE! It's gone.

Hopefully back to basics aka Blogger's own, will work out well.


  1. Thank god! Yeah, Disqus was being a bitch for real. :P That's why I didn't like commenting here anymore even though I wanted to!

    I haven't had any problems with the embedded comments on Blogger so far, and I've been using it for just under a year, so you should be good!!!

    1. Oh my god, being able to hit the Reply link under your comment feels so gooodddd!! Lol.

      This is so much better than Disqus. I hear ya on not wanting to comment....I wouldn't want to either.

  2. I'm fascinated! I switched to Disqus and have liked it, but have seen a few comments get lost.

    What I always liked was the ability to ban IPs (spammers). Can I do that if I go back to blogger?

    1. I actually found that I was receiving a ridiculous amount of spam comments by anonymous users on Blogger which I had Disqus installed but I think it was my settings. Fortunately, since I was having issues retrieving legitimate comments made directly via Blogger, it was blocking those from the comments section of each post as well.

      I'm not sure about banning IPs but I know you can restrict who can comment to anyone, registered users (this includes OpenID accounts), Google accounts only, or just members of the blog. I have mine set to registered users and that seems to be working fine so far. No spam yet! :)

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  4. I've heard very mixed things about Disqus as well - I am glad you found a better system!



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