Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitchen Progress - The Other Side

I have a cold. And it sucks because I'm at the stage where drugs (in this case Tylenol Cold & Sinus Extra Strength) keep the symptoms muzzled. Unfortunately, coughs do not seem to be part of the deal. While out buying a laser level, which by the way is the absolutely best invention ever, I coughed so uncontrollably I had to run to an un-populated dark corner of the store to hack my lungs out!

Anyway, the point is....despite my illness, I couldn't sit still this weekend and had to start working on the "other side" of the kitchen aka our breakfast nook aka our dinette aka where guests have to squeeze in like sardines because we don't actually have a dining room.

Here's a sneak peak of what's happened so far. 1) Hanging the curtains and curtain rods 2) Making a huge mess on the dining table.

Before hanging the curtains, I had painted half the walls from a cream to a white. But afterwards, it just felt too bare and stark for the drama of flowy turquoise fabric. I found a few sample bottles of paint in the same color and should have just enough for most of the left and back wall. Instead of the whole wall, I'm painting about two-thirds the way down. The rest I will keep white and eventually install a chair rail in between.

Stay tuned!


  1. Your kitchen is coming along really well! I'm looking forward to more progress photos :)

    1. Thanks Janetta! I'm hoping to get more done this month. :)



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